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Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
Existing Inspections Section
405 Pike Road
West Palm Beach, FL

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Phone: 5616167030
Fax: 5616167082
E-Mail: psummers@pbcgov.org
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Who is Your Inspector?

Below is a map that shows the inspection zones established throughout Palm Beach County. To learn more about a particular zone, such as what inspector is assigned to that area and their contact information, please hover your mouse over the zone of interest.

To view a text-only version of this map, please click here.

The following inspection zones are not listed on the map:

Zone Stations Area Served Inspector Office Phone Cell Phone
  • All Airports
Richard 'Jamie' Love
(561) 616-7075
(561) 723-4031

  • City of Lake Worth Proper
Faye Fornah
(561) 616-7045
(561) 723-4023
Zone 401 Zone 402 Zone 405 Zone 406 Zone 408 Zone 409 Zone 410 Zone 412 Zone 414 Zone 415 Zone 415 Zone 404, 411, 470 Zone 496

Map showing Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Inspection Zones

This information was last updated 07/19/2010.

NOTE: This map is not intended to be precise. It's purpose is to show the geographic relationship between the fire stations and the inspection zones. If you have any questions about the boundaries of a particular inspector's zone, contact that inspector at the information provided.