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The Radio and Communications Shop is responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of the VHF (TAC) and UHF (Command) radio, AVI, Traffic Preemption (mobile side), telephone, and computer hardware systems for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue as well as facilitate the repair of the numerous numeric/alphanumeric pagers and cellular/ PCS phones throughout the department. We provide engineering and technical assistance to many other departments inside and outside of Palm Beach County. We are the custodians of two emergency communications trailers and radio caches that are ready for deployment at any time.

Currently there are four technicians and a communications coordinator to serve the approximately 1200 PBCFR personnel, 36 stations, the Dispatch Center, Headquarters, Support Services, Plan Review and ARFF sections of Palm Beach International Airport. Additionally, there are twelve unmanned sites housing communications equipment.

The chart below shows the approximate amount of equipment with a total value, excluding computers, in excess of 7.5 million dollars, by type, in our area of responsibility.

  • Facilities 53
  • Mobile Radios 315
  • Portable Radios 960
  • Control Stations 85
  • Repeaters 21
  • Remote Receivers 69
  • AVL 110
  • Traffice Peremption 30
  • Telephone Dial-up 145
  • RT Circuits 34
  • Data Circuits 38
  • Computer Work Stations 90
  • Printers 107
  • Pagers Tone/Voice (QCII) 125
  • Numeric Pagers 59
  • Alphaumeric Pagers 89
  • Cellular/PCS Phones 36