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Fleet and Apparatus Maintenance is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and records keeping of the Repair Shop, Preventative Maintenance Shop, Road Technicians, and 24 hour On-Call Technicians. Fleet and Apparatus Maintenance is also responsible for providing preventative maintenance and repairs to all Medical Response, Structural, Aerial, Brush and Aircraft Rescue FireFighting (ARFF) apparatus.

The goal of the Fleet Maintenance Division is to ensure the fleet of the Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue emergency vehicles are maintained to the highest standard of readiness by the most skilled and qualified Technicians available. We are proud to be an integral part of the safety provided to the residents of our county by Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue.

Our Technicians have been awarded the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) "Blue Seal of Excellence", which requires that 75% of the Technicians be ASE certified. The majority of our technicians are ASE Master certified in Heavy Trucks, and several are also EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician) Certified. Shop personnel includes of:

  • 2 Senior Fleet Mechanics
  • 7 Fleet Mechanics
  • 1 Service Writer
  • 2 Administrative Clerks
The fleet consists of:
  • 422 on-road vehicles
  • 144 off-road vehicles and trailers
  • an on-site fueling station
  • 1 service truck
  • a 1,500 gallon fuel tanker for emergencies
Engine and Rescue vehicle preventative maintenance includes:
"A" Inspections (over 1048 per year on average)
  • Topping of all fluids
  • Completion of minor repairs

"B" Inspections (average of over 387 per year)
  • Fluid changes
  • Major and minor repairs completed

Full maintenance for other department equipment including:
  • Aerial Devices
  • Special Events equipment
  • Fire Boat
  • Generators, saws, power fans and Hurst tools