How Tax Bills are Calculated

Tax bills have two elements: property value and tax rate.

Multiply the value of a property by the tax rate, called a millage, and you get the ad valorem tax bill.

Our office uses a state-of-the-art computer system and highly-trained appraisal experts to value all residential, commercial, and agricultural properties and tangible personal property in Palm Beach County as of January 1. Florida state law requires our office to value property based on the status of the market.

By contrast, your tax rate is set by taxing authorities who answer to you, the voter. If home values increase, tax bills do not necessarily have to increase as tax rates could be reduced. Every resident has the right to speak to the elected officials who levy taxes at the public meetings listed in each Notice of Proposed Property Taxes. One final component of your tax bill is non-ad valorem assessments, or taxes levied by property that are not related to the value of a property. These are also listed in each Notice of Proposed Property Taxes.

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