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A Message from the Inspector General

  “The strength of a democracy is in the trust of its citizenry in its government.” A few years ago Senator Joe Lieberman stated this at an Inspector General conference. Later, Chairman Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve Board added, “Ultimately, what IG’s provide is confidence in government.”

  I have been a public servant for the past 38 years, in and out of uniform, at both the local and federal level. During the last 14 years I served in the federal IG arena. Building on the solid base of my predecessor and her many supporters, I will use my experience to help save taxpayer dollars by making government more efficient while rooting out fraud, waste and mismanagement.

  During the past few weeks, I have met with many of the key leaders and stakeholders in and out of government to introduce myself and solicit input for my way ahead. I appreciate the encouragement I received in these meetings. Our IG team will continue to reach out to foster these two-way conversations. Further, I plan to focus our office’s efforts in areas where we can help government most efficiently use or save taxpayer dollars, while proactively preventing and detecting fraud and waste.

  From the start, I do want to recognize that most government elected officials and employees are deeply committed to serving the public and are good stewards of the public trust. I will work with them to make government better. In instances where the public trust has been broken, my goal is to work together with those in and out of government to expose mismanagement and improper use of taxpayers’ dollars.

  Good government is everyone’s business. By working together, government elected officials and employees, contractors, citizens, and the Office of Inspector General, we can make government more efficient, effective, and ethical. If you have ideas to make our government better, please share them with us. If you know of or suspect improper use of taxpayers’ dollars, please report this to my office. It is an honor and privilege to be your Inspector General and I look forward to serving the citizens of Palm Beach County.


John A. Carey

Inspector General

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